Saudi Visa for Malaysian Citizens

How to get Visa for Saudi Arabia from Malaysia?

If you are a Malaysian citizen and want to go to Saudi Arabia for work or other purposes, you will need a visa. You can apply for a online visa or at the Saudi Embassy in Malaysia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular destinations for Malaysians looking to work abroad. The country has an attractive working culture and an increasing demand for skilled professionals from Malaysia.

The process of getting a visa for Saudi Arabia is not that complicated, but it does take some time. You will need to fill out the application form and submit it with your passport, two photographs, and other documents as required by the embassy.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements for Malaysian Citizens

  • Each applicant must submit the Saudi eVisa online application form
  • A recent passport-style color photo with white background
  • A Valid email address to receive the updates and approval eVisa letter
  • No need to carry a Visa hard copy, but we recommend that you keep eVisa in your mobile device
  • Each applicant may need to provide details of accommodation in the Kingdom
  • Saudi Visit Visa Fees also includes the cost of processing obligatory medical insurance
  • Currently, there are no restrictions on Woman travelers as a solo person to visit Saudi Arabia

Required Passport/Travel Documents

  • Each applicant must need to present a passport to enter Saudi Arabia except the 4 visa-exempt countries; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and the UAE
  • Each applicant’s passport must have at least 6 months validity from the date of entry in Saudi Arabia
  • Each applicant’s passport must have a Blank page to get the Visa Stamp

Saudi Visa Packages for Malaysian Citizens - Apply Now!

Regular Visa

Visa processing within 48 Hours

$ 190
  • 12 month visa duration
  • Multiple entries
  • Maximum consecutive stay 3 months

Express Visa

Visa processing within 6 Hours

$ 220
  • 12 month visa duration
  • Multiple entries
  • Maximum consecutive stay 3 months