How to get Saudi Arabia Visa

To get a Saudi Arabia visa, you need to apply for Saudi eVisa, and have to fill out the application form successfully. Saudi eVisa application form is simple and self-directing. All you have to do is follow the instructions and fill out the information. Below are the guidelines to fill out the application form:

Step 01

As you have landed on, please click on the “Apply Now” text on the menu bar. This will lead you to the Saudi Arabia eVisa application form. Read the important information first before starting the application. Once you understand, please start with the first question which is “Are you applying on behalf of someone? If you are applying for yourself then select NO, otherwise if you are applying for someone then please select Yes. As you can see on selecting ‘Yes’ some more mandatory questions will popup under this section. Answer each of them accordingly Please.

Step 02

After that, you need to fill out the applicant’s details. Select the purpose of visits, Write down your full name as Passport, and fill out the rest of personal description as per requirement on the boxes. Recheck your entry to avoid any spelling mistakes. Provide your address on the address field. After that, select your current residing country, select your Gender, Date of birth, Country of birth, Marital status, Profession and Nationality accordingly.

Step 03

The next step is to give your passport information. Carefully write the information as per your passport. Upload your passport information page. Follow the instructions on uploading. Next, provide your residential address in Saudi Arabia and upload your photo. Similarly follow the instructions on your photo upload. Following, provide a username and password to create your account on Saudi eVisa. You will get notifications and eVisa approval on this account.

Step 04

Select your visa processing type and provide your credit/card information to pay the eVisa service fees. After that, read the consent and declaration attentively and provide your consent by clicking on “I Agree”. Similarly read the terms and conditions and provide your consent. Once done, please provide your signature by writing your full name as per your passport. Your Saudi Visa application now has all the information it needs. Now review all the information you provide to ensure they are correct. Once done, please click on the big Submit button to successfully apply for your Saudi tourist visa. You will get an immediate confirmation of submission in your email box, please check the spam box also, in case you don’t see in inbox. That’s all on how to get Saudi Arabia visa. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any further inquiry regarding the visa. Thank you for choosing us for your Saudi eVisa.

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