Saudi Arabia Visa Types

Saudi Arabia allows eligible foreigners to enter the country with a visa. The visa type is dependent on their purpose.

There are several kinds of visas Saudi Arabia offers for foreigners. This includes tourists, people in business, students, pilgrims, workers, diplomats, and many more.
Each visa type has its requirements, validity, and duration of stay. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration can change them anytime.

Types of Visa in Saudi Arabia

There are more than nine (9) types of visas to enter Saudi Arabia. Here is the list of them:

Saudi eVisa or Tourist Visa

Saudi tourist visa is the most common type of visa in Saudi Arabia. Also referred to as an eVisa in its modern form.

The visa comes with one (1) year of validity, multiple entry facilities, and a consecutive stay for three (3) months. It can be used for Umrah, tourism, visiting friends and family, and even attending business meetings.

Moreover, the tourist visa can be applied online, and the delivery is via email. So, there is no need to visit the Saudi embassy in person.

Requirements for a Saudi Tourist Visa or eVisa Application

You will need to have the following documents and information to apply for a tourist or eVisa:

Here is a glimpse of what it offers:

Business Visit Visa

Foreign investors and businessmen can apply for a business visit visa. The sole purpose of this visa is to conduct business in Saudi Arabia. It is also called the “Visiting Investor” visa for its purpose.

A business visit visa or visiting Investor visa allows businesspersons to explore all the business sectors Saudi Arabia offers. At the same time, they can learn about all the geographical and cultural significance of natural resources.

The visa service also aims to provide multiple entry facilities, one-year validity or more, for investors and foreign establishment employees.

Requirements for a Business Visa Application

The requirements of a Saudi business visa application are as follows:

Note: The requirements can change anytime, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to do so. Make sure you visit their website to get the current requirements.

Here are the facilities of a Saudi Business Visiting Visa:

Employment or Work Visa

Anyone who is coming to Saudi Arabia for work purposes must have a working visa. The employer will apply for the visa and provide the worker with a job letter.

With an employment or work visa, you can work in Saudi Arabia. The employer can be the Saudi government, a private company authorized by the government, or individuals .

The organization or employer will provide the worker with a job letter and approval of the visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce. The worker will then take the visa approval letter and other documents to get his Saudi employment or work visa from the embassy or consulate of their country.

Requirements for Saudi Work Visa or Employment Visa Application

Note: This requirement changes from time to time. Make sure you check with the Saudi embassy or consulate in your country to get the latest information.

Here is a glimpse overview of the visa:

Residence Visa

Foreigners who wish to live in Saudi Arabia for an extended period of time can apply for a Saudi residence visa. Foreign investors, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs get to apply for this visa.

A residence visa or premium residency visa refers to a visa with all the benefits any Saudi citizen enjoys. Healthcare, education, business, employment, and anything that Saudi citizens have access to is included in the residence visa.

There are certain criteria that must be met to apply for a Saudi residence visa. So, make sure you speak to your lawyer about it before proceeding.

Requirements for a Saudi Residence Visa Application

Here are some more information about this visa:

Hajj and Umrah Visa

Saudi Arabia grants Muslim pilgrims Hajj and Umrah visa from around the world. Hajj visa is offered once a year during the time of Hajj. Umrah visa, on the other hand, can be applied throughout the year.

With a Hajj or Umrah visa, you cannot work, study, or tour the country. The sole purpose of these are for pilgrimage. Any Muslim from all over the world can apply for these visas.

Requirements for a Hajj and Umrah Visa Application

Note: Make sure to visit the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for further information before traveling.

Here is some more information you should know about the Hajj and Umrah visa:

Student Visa

Foreign students can apply for a student visa to study in Saudi Arabia. After applying to an educational institution and getting accepted, you can apply for a student visa.

Students from over 160 countries can apply for a Saudi student visa. They need to apply for the educational institution first and get an acceptance letter. After securing their position in the institution, the students can apply for a student visa.

The institution will provide the necessary documents and get visa permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When the permission is granted, the student can then apply for a student visa from any Saudi embassy or consulate in their country.

Requirements for a Saudi Student Visa Application

Here are some more information about the Saudi Student Visa:

Medical Visa

Foreign patients from eligible countries can apply for a Saudi medical visa. They will need to provide documents and a doctor's certificate to get the visa. Also, they will need to show where they are going to get treatment in Saudi Arabia.

You have to apply for a Saudi Medical visa via online from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Saudi Embassy.

Requirements for a Saudi Medical Visa Application

Government, Diplomatic, and Official Visa

Foreign diplomats, representatives, and officials can get a government visa from Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only authority that can issue a government visa. The duration of the visa depends on the individual's purpose of visit.

The sole purpose of this visa is to conduct government meetings, conferences, and diplomatic matters. Officials from other countries can attend events and delegations. Also, they can be involved in government-related tasks and projects.

Moreover, engaging in bilateral agreements and negotiations is permissible through the government, diplomatic, and official visas.

Requirements for Government, Diplomatic, and Official Visa Application

Diplomatic Missions & Organizations Visa

A diplomatic missions and organization visa is for individuals who are working in Saudi Arabia. It is a special work visa that is only provided to organizations working on a mission in the country.

People working in Saudi Arabia on diplomatic missions or organizations get to apply for this visa. They can perform and attend any activities and events related to their organization.

Requirements for a Diplomatic Missions and Organizations Visa Application

How to Apply for a Saudi Visa?

Most of the Saudi visa can be applied online. To do that, you have to fill out an online visa application form, pay the visa fee, and get the visa delivered to you via email.

As some visa types require the involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you have to visit the Saudi embassy or consulate.

What Are the Requirements for a Saudi Visa?

The common requirement for a Saudi visa is as follows:

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