Saudi Arabia Visa Types

There are many types of Saudi Visas, and alternate travel documents to choose from, if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia. As you are planning for a vacation to Saudi Arabia then a tourist visa or Saudi visit visa is the ideal option for you. There are other Saudi Arabia visa types available on purposes such as employment, business, family visits, journalism, and studying.

Hajj Visa for Muslims

This visa is specified to one purpose only, which is to perform the Muslim’s most sacred ritual in Macca. The Muslim pilgrims apply for this Hajj Visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. There’s no eVisa available for this purpose. You have to submit your application to your nearest Saudi Embassy or consulates.

Saudi Arabia eVisa
For the first time in history Saudi Arabia has opened up its border for tourist visa saudi or eVisa to eligible countries. This has allowed foreigners to visit Saudia Arabia more often for cultural, social and tourism purposes. The eVisa procedure is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. WIth the proper guidelines and no errors we can get you your eVisa in the quickest time possible.
Visa Duration :
12 Months
Entry Limit :
Multiple entries
Maximum Stay :
3 Months each visit
Processing Time:
Regular Visa (2 working Days), Express Visa (3-6 working hours)

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