Saudi Visa for Chinese Citizens

Apply for Saudi Tourist Visa from China

Chinese citizens are now eligible to apply for a Saudi Arabia eVisa. With one (1) year of validity and three (3) months of stay on each entry, Saudi visa for Chinese citizens offers a lot more flexibility.

For instance, you only need a valid Chinese passport, a recently taken passport-size photo, and a few travel information to apply for an eVisa. And you don’t need to go to the Saudi Embassy or Consulate. With your smartphone or a laptop with internet access, you can apply and get your Saudi eVisa. Additionally, you can get your eVisa delivered to your email within just 6 hours*.

Saudi visa also comes with multiple entries. So if you want to extend your stay, you can exit and return back to the kingdom.

With the Saudi eVisa, you can perform Umrah, spend holidays, visit friends and family, and attend business conferences, events and many more.

*Express Visa processing takes 6 hours, and Regular Visa processing takes up to 48 hours.

Packages of Saudi Visa for Chinese Citizens

Regular Visa

Visa processing within 48 Hours
USD 190

Express Visa

Visa processing within 6 Hours
USD 220

Benefits of Saudi Arabia Visa for Chinese Tourists

Chinese citizens can get the following benefits while applying for a Saudi eVisa:

Saudi eVisa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

When applying for a Saudi eVisa, you have to follow some requirements:

  • A valid Chinese passport (must have 6 months of validity left).
  • Passport-size photo of yourself (taken within 6 months with a white background).
  • Use a valid debit/credit card or PayPal to pay the visa fee.
  • Your date of arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • Optional: Details of your place of stay. (hotel, relatives, etc)
  • Chinese children below 18 years old should be accompanied by their guardians while visiting Saudi Arabia. They should have their passport and separate eVisa.

How Does the eVisa Process Work?

Saudi eVisa is a 3 step process. Here is how it works:

Fill the Saudi Arabia visa application form
Complete the Form

Carefully complete the form with the required information.

Make the Saudi eVisa payment
Make the Payment

Use a debit/credit card or PayPal to pay the eVisa fee.

Saudi eVisa delivered to your email
Get your eVisa

After the approval, we will email you the eVisa.

Things to Do After Receiving Your eVisa

Right after you receive your Saudi eVisa, here is what you must do before leaving China:

  • Your passport and eVisa should always be with you. After you arrive in Saudi, you can use a copy of them.
  • Make two copies of your eVisa and carry them using land borders and seaports to enter Saudi Arabia. Border Immigration will require two copies of your eVisa to verify with one and stamp the other one.
  • You can always download your Saudi eVisa from your account with us 24/7.

Saudi eVisa Processing Time for Chinese Citizens

The Express Visa processing takes only 6 hours to process.

On the other hand, Regular Visa processing takes 48 hours, and we recommend it for pre-planned trips when you have a few days on hand.

For any urgent visit to Saudi, we recommend the Express Visa processing option.

Note: Keep in mind that weekends and holidays are not included in the processing time. The process starts from the day after you have submitted your application.

Validity of Saudi eVisa for Chinese Citizens

With Saudi eVisa Chinese citizens can enjoy one (1) year of validity and 90 days of stay on each visit. The eVisa also has multiple entry and exit facilities.

If you want to extend your stay, you can exit and return again.

Enjoy a Wide Range of Entry Points

Saudi Arabia allows Chinese citizens to enter the country from a large number of entry points. You can use your eVisa to enter through the following airports, land borders, and seaports:

Airports (International and Domestic)

*Chinese Umrah pilgrims can travel faster to the Holy lands of Makkah and Madina by choosing any of these two airports. High-speed trains are also available from both airports.

Land Boarders

Sea Ports

Why Choose Us?

Quick, efficient, and convenience, are the three things we believe in. Here are the things that set us apart:

Saudi eVisa Approval Rate is high with us
Highest eVisa Approval Rate

Our skilled visa team has a 99% success rate for Saudi visa. Once you apply, we carefully check all information. If there's a mistake, we'll reach out to you to fix it. If your photo doesn't fit, we'll resize it or request a new one.

Saudi visa delivered to you by email
Confirmation Mail on Every Step

Whenever a step is complete, we send you an email confirming it. It is a part of our quality assurance that all customers get. Even your visa gets delivered through email.

Saudi visa delivered to you by email
Multiple Ways to Process

We offer two visa processing options: Express (within 6 hours) and Regular (48 hours) visa. If you're in a rush, we recommend choosing Express processing for quicker service.

Easy-to-Navigate Website
Fast and Easy Website Experience

We updated our website for better user experience and security. It works smoothly on computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can track your visa progress anytime by logging into your account with your email and password. The status will be displayed on your dashboard.

Saudi Visa Application Form Saving Option
‘Pick Where You Left’ Saving option

In our eVisa application, you can save your progress if you can't finish it immediately. You can resume where you stopped whenever you're ready, making it convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill up the online application form with the required documents like a valid Chinese passport, a passport-size photo, and travel documents.

You can pay the visa fee with a debit/credit card or PayPal.

The latest Saudi Arabia visa prices are mentioned in our pricing section above. We recommend you to visit our pricing section for the complete details.

Usually, a Saudi eVisa is delivered within 6 hours for Express visa processing option and 48 hours for Regular visa processing option. Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays are not counted in the delivery time.

Saudi eVisa is valid for 1 year or 12 months with a multiple-entry facility. You can stay in Saudi Arabia with an eVisa for 3 months straight.

Yes, you can perform Umrah on a Saudi tourist visa or eVisa. You can also use the tourist visa or eVisa to visit relatives and friends, spend holidays, and attend business meetings.

As per Saudi Arabian rules, you cannot stay in Saudi Arabia without a valid visa. It will end you up with an SR 100 fine every day. To avoid this situation, we urge you to apply for a new eVisa when you have validity left on your current one. As it can be applied online, you can do it anytime from your smartphone.

Yes, of course, you can apply again for a Saudi visa if it gets rejected. As there is no disclosure from the Saudi Government or Immigration Authorities, it is best you apply again with all requirements to avoid rejection. You can also consult with our visa experts before application submission to recheck everything.

We have a dedicated FAQ page. You will find more related questions and answers about Saudi eVisa there.

If you cannot find what you are looking for even there, you can always message us from the contact page. We will gladly assist you with your queries. For urgent response, you can check out our Live Chat option.

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