Saudi Arabia Visa for Russian Citizens

Apply Saudi Arabia Visa from Russia

Russian citizens can now apply for Saudi visa online and get it within 6 hours*. The online visa application process does not require you to visit any Saudi embassy or consulate.

The eVisa requirements are; your valid Russian passport, a recently taken photograph, and a few travel information. Once approved, your eVisa will be delivered to your email inbox.

Saudi Arabia visa for Russian citizens has one (1) year of validity with multiple entries. You can also stay consecutively for three (3) months in Saudi Arabia. 

You can use the eVisa to perform Umrah, visit other holy cities, spend holidays, visit relatives and friends, and attend any business events or conferences.

Moreover, Saudi eVisa allows you to enter the country from a wide range of airports, land borders, and seaports.

*The Express Visa is processed within 6 hours and the Regular Visa takes 48 hours.

Packages of Saudi Visa for Russian Citizens

Regular Visa

Visa processing within 48 hours
USD 190

Express Visa

Visa processing within 6 hours
USD 220

Benefits of Saudi Arabia Visa for Russian

Your Saudi visa comes with a lot of benefits. Here are the most important ones:

Requirements of Saudi eVisa for Russian

To get a Saudi eVisa, you need to have the following requirements:

  • A valid Russian passport with 6 months (at least) of validity.
  • A 2×2 inch recently taken passport-size color photograph.
  • Approximate date of arrival to Saudi Arabia.
  • Visa payment method (Debit/Credit card or PayPal).
  • Children or minors under the age of 18 should have their passports and eVisa. They should be accompanied by a guardian.

How Does the Saudi eVisa Process Work?

The Saudi eVisa process works in 3 simple steps:

Fill the Saudi Arabia visa application form
Complete the form

Complete the visa application form with your personal information and travel details.

Make the Saudi eVisa payment
Make the payment

Proceed to make the visa payment from a debit/credit card or PayPal.

Saudi eVisa delivered to your email
Get your visa

After the visa is processed, we will send it to you via email.

Things to Do After Receiving Your eVisa

To start your journey to Saudi Arabia, you will need to pack these essential documents:

  • Your original passport and a print of your eVisa.
  • Make sure to have 2 printed copies of your eVisa.
  • If you are entering from any land border or seaport, you will need to present 2 copies of your eVisa. One will be stamped to grant entry and the other one will be used to verify.

Saudi eVisa Processing Time for Russian Citizens

The Saudi eVisa processing time is 6 hours for Express Visa. The Regular Visa takes 48 hours to process.

We urge anyone in a hurry to apply for an Express Visa. If you have time in hand, then you can go for the Regular Visa.

The visa processing time does not include weekends, holidays, or the date you have submitted your application.

Validity of Saudi eVisa for Russians

Saudi eVisa is valid for 1 year with multiple entries. You can stay consecutively for 3 months in the country.

You can extend your stay if you want by exiting and returning.

Entry Points to Saudi Arabia with an eVisa

With your Saudi eVisa, you can enter Saudi Arabia from a number of different airports, land borders, and seaports. Here is a list of them:

Airports (International and Domestic)

* Umrah Pilgrims from Russia can go to Makkah and Madina faster by choosing these two airports. Direct transportation (Train) is available from the airport to the cities.

Land Boarders

Sea Ports

Why Choose Us?

Our Saudi eVisa service is focused on our customer’s convenience. Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

Saudi eVisa Approval Rate is high with us
Highest Approval Rate

We go through your application before processing it. Our visa experts get in contact with you if there is any issues that need to be double checked. After getting everything in order, we start to process your visa. This deep screening gives us a highest visa approval rate.

Saudi Express Visa within 6 Hours
Express Visa within 6 Hours

Our Express Visa is processed within 6 hours while the Regular Visa processing takes 48 hours. So anyone with urgent travel and a regular travel plan can choose from the packages.

Saudi visa delivered to you by email
Visa, Payments, and Approval Email

We send out notification emails throughout the visa application process. When your Saudi eVisa is ready, we also send it to you via email.

Saudi Visa Tracking In Realtime
eVisa Tracking and Easy Navigation

We keep our website updated so you can have a better experience navigating it. Also, it ensures multiplatform support from any device.

Saudi Visa Application Form Saving Option
Save the Form for Later

You can save your form information to submit it later. If you cannot complete the visa application form right away, we included a saving option so you don't lose what you have entered.

Live Chat Anytime for Saudi Visa
Live Chat Anytime

To assist you with queries faster, we included the live chat option. You can use it anytime to get your queries answered right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

The documents required to travel to Saudi Arabia are your valid Russian passport, a recently taken passport-size photo, and some travel details.

You have to apply online to get a Saudi tourist visa. The requirements are simple. With your valid Russian passport, a passport-size photo, and some travel information, you can apply for your Saudi visa.

After the visa is approval, it is sent to you via email. No need to visit any embassy or consulate.

Saudi eVisa is delivered within 6-48 hours. The Express Visa takes 6 hours and the Regular Visa takes 48 hours to process. Saudi eVisa is also delivered to your email inbox.

Saudi visa fee is mentioned in our pricing section. Make sure you check this page for the updated visa fee regularly.

Saudi eVisa is valid for 1 year. The visa also has a multiple entry facility. You can stay in Saudi Arabia consecutively for 3 months.

The answer is yes, you need to print 2 copies of your Saudi eVisa in order to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi visa on arrival is available for Russian citizens. But we recommend you apply for an online visa ahead of time. This is to avoid any uncertainty, long cues and any last-minute changes in the Immigration policy.

Saudi tourist visa is fairly easy to get. You have to fill out the visa application form accordingly with the required information and documents. If somehow your visa gets rejected, you can apply for a tourist visa again.

You can ask for assistance and we will be glad to guide you with your Saudi tourist visa or eVisa.

Saudi tourist visa has 1 year of validity with multiple entry facility. So you can use it as many times as you want in the 1 year validity period.

Yes, you can go to Umrah with your Saudi eVisa. You can also visit friends and family, attend business conferences, and spend holidays in the country with your Saudi eVisa.

Saudi Arabia is on the lower end of the most expensive countries. So it is pretty budget-friendly to visit. As there are a lot of sights that are free to visit or accessible with a nominal fee, you can visit Saudi without breaking your bank account. And foods are in huge quantities for the amount you are paying.

Here is a list of items that you should not bring to Saudi Arabia:

  1. Weapons
  2. Alcohol
  3. Narcotics
  4. Pork related products
  5. Pornographic materials
  6. Distillery equipment
  7. Certain sculptures
  8. Lastly, its best to consult with us if you are not sure of any item that you are carrying, Simply knock us in live chat.

Umrah can be done in 7 days. You spend 4 days in Makkah and 3 days in Madinah. If you wish to expand your Umrah experience, you can go on a 10-day trip. As your Saudi eVisa has 1 year of validity with 3 months of consecutive stay, you can extend your trip as you wish.

For any further questions, we urge you to visit our FAQ page. It has more information that you will find handy.

If you have any specific questions that you cannot find on the FAQ page, you can send us a message from our contact page.

Make sure to use the Live Chat feature for faster responses in urgent situations.

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